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Some Hollow is an American roots band that hails from the Green Mountain State. It all began way back in the Spring of 2016 when fate brought Josh and Jason together. They performed as a duo for most of 2016, earning acclaim from audience members, kitchen staff and club owners alike. In early 2018, bass player, Jim Hamel joined the SH lineup. He has quickly made an impact on the music with his songwriting skills, vocals and sexy bass licks. Some Hollow‘s music incorporates a variety of genres focusing on smooth vocals, tight harmonies and soulful songs. While their compositions are fairly straight forward, they also allow for some windows of improvisation. Armed with new material, a new lineup and immutable gusto, Some Hollow is primed to have a strong 2018.

Some Hollow is:

Jason Lee – vocals, guitar, harmonica

Jim Hamel – bass, vocals

Josh Morse – drums, vocals

Photography by Alex Morse at