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2017 EP     Listen Now

“Front man, Jason Lee has a distinctive, evocative voice – not to mention the ability to pen a sugary hook. Drummer Josh Morse holds it down well. And whenever Aidan Lenihan chimes in on the pedal steel, it is incredibly lovely.”
Chris Farnsworth

Free-lance writer, Seven Days

“Some Hollow brings me back to the days when music was pure and real.”
Tom Theohary

D.J., WMRW 94.5 fm

“Some Hollow has found a way to push the boundaries of multiple genres while staying true to themselves and their music. Definitely a band to keep an eye and an ear out for.”

Giles Smith

Owner/Propietor, Hostel Tevere

“Had a great time working with Josh and Jason in the studio! Multi-instrumental and talented, these guys are professional and a pleasure to work with!”

Eric Sigsby

Producer/Manager, Sugarhouse Soundworks

Photography by Alex Morse at